Whole Body Health

Whole Body Health


Health is the total feeling of happiness with our mind, body and spirit that we achieve through an optimal life style. Our comprehensive goal can be broken into strategies we discuss on this site. 

Whole Body Health is More than Exercise and Nutrition

Health is more than diet and exercise because you can do both and not be healthy if you are not of sound mind and spirit. You can exercise and diet and not be happy with the results because it is not fun or not productive. This leads to the most common experience of quitting diet and exercise and returning to previous unhealthy habits. 

Health should be a life time commitment to good habits that are a priority because of the rewards we enjoy. Nothing beats feeling good. 

Giving the body what it needs out of respect, gratitude, and awe is an attitude and perspective with rich rewards. Getting a good night's sleep, waking alert and without pain, popping up ready for your morning walk anxious to get your day rolling is fun. 

Health Begins with Your Perspective

Health requires a perspective about taking care of ourselves because we deserve it, were designed to live healthy, derive benefits of productivity from firing on all cylinders, gain respect for ourselves when we look good, get quicker respect from others when we appear healthy, and find happiness easier when health is a foundation for personal development. 

Your Health Begins with Your Priorities

Your day is planned with important activities. You know that staying on top of your game has several components. Health creates a more positive personality where we are more  creative and more likely to value maintaining solid relationships. The whole body health requires a body mind and spirit attuned to natural rhythms. Your body needs whole foods. Your body needs movement that elevates the heart rate and burns energy. Your spirit needs relaxation and calmness so it can focus and be gracious and generous. 

You can be a person others enjoy because of your optimistic and positive perspective. This attitude springs from the knowledge that you will take care of yourself as a priority. You will enjoy good health without disease, very little illness, and optimum productivity. 

On other pages and posts, whole body health will be consistently address for Leading an Optimal Life. In my upcoming book, Leading an Optimal Life, I will share more about Life Style and strategies to find the life of your dreams. One bright author says a Dream can be a Plan.