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Life Style Self-Coaching Book

Life Style Self-Coaching focuses on self improvement and creation of behaviors that stimulate happiness brain chemicals. These positive behaviors stimulate happiness and deliver a fulfilling lifestyle. 

What are the behaviors:

  • Health/Fitness
  • Learning
  • Creativity
  • Contribution

Each of these stimulate biological sensations dictated by our DNA to improve our lives, build better genes in future generations and create a life of bliss. We are designed to live in bliss. We just need to know the triggers. These behaviors stimulate the production of:

  • Dopamine
  • Serotonin
  • Oxytocin
  • Endorphins

You can live in bliss everyday. Lifestyle often means living with fancy cars, homes and vacations. Those are all good, but expensive and require continuous investment. You can have the same happiness brain chemicals, but better and a more fulfilling lifestyle with free behaviors. 

Purchase the E-Book $6.42 or Paperback $12.42 including handling and shipping.

When following the right behaviors, you soon feel you have found your purpose and reason for being here. You become healthier, more productive, more connected, and more fulfilled. 

Just one source of confirmation is found in Athlete's Way, Sweat and the Biology of Bliss by Christopher Bergland:


"There is not a one-size-fits-all prescriptive when it comes to creating a neurochemical balance that correlates to a sense of happiness. Use this list of 7 neurochemicals as a rudimentary checklist to take inventory of your daily habits and to keep your life balanced. By focusing on lifestyle choices that secrete each of these neurochemicals you will increase your odds of happiness across the board."


Nicole Lazarro, world famous game designer discusses how games incorporate behaviors to activate happiness chemicals which keep gamers addicted. As a corporate consultant she discusses how we can “gamify” our lives to keep them exciting and fulfilling:

"Experiences that release the DOSE (four chemicals listed above) neurochemicals make us happy, which makes us want more of the same. Does a desire to return to the same experience sound like a desire you probably have for your customers? Yes, it certainly does: customer loyalty. "Gamified" user experiences created with neuroscience in mind keep consumers coming back for more.   

That is a possibility for our lives where we become satisfied customers coming back for the same experiences and results in our lives everyday. Gamification is a serious science in business that also works for personal lives. 

This book and the Life Style Course describe and guide you to the behaviors that can create an addicting lifestyle of happiness. It's not voo doo, it's science. Steven Kotler in The Rise of Superman discusses how extreme athletes achieve the blissful state of "flow" while engaging in challenging activities. They push their limits of athletic ability allowing dopamine and endorphins to sustain peak performance.

We can have peak performances every day and enjoy "flow" in our work, our hobbies, our exercise, and our art. I experience flow when I write, when I bike, and when I teach. Many speakers say they enter a state of flow and the words pour forth without  really thinking about them. 

Purchase the E-Book $6.42 or Paperback $12.42 including handling and shipping.

In the Life Style book, I quote Chris Gullebeau from The Happiness of Pursuit:

"The most straight forward path to happiness and satisfaction in life comes from pursuing a significant long-term goal or objective: a 'quest'. We're far more likely to be happy while working to achieve something great than after we've accomplished it." 

This is why a life of growth is better than buying things. Things lose their luster quickly , but growth is a continuous daily process. 

In another quote from the Life Style book, William Damon says from The Path to Purpose:

"People end up feeling empty and resentful because they have failed to satisfy one of our species truest and deepest desires: the universal yearning for a life with meaning. What's' more, self-absorption is emotionally unstablilizing."

Contribution is a direct path to avoiding the above chasm of a meaningless and frustration . The act of contributing our skills and service to the larger picture is a never ending fountain of fulfillment. 

In another quote from the Life Style book, Marcia Wieder, Stanford Professor and author of Doing Less and Having More says:

"If you create a dream or a goal that you are more committed to than your reality, which includes your worries and doubts, and if you do something to move your dream forward every day or even weekly, you will transform your life."

What are you waiting for? Now is a good time to take your first step.  

Purchase the E-Book $6.42 or Paperback $12.42 including handling and shipping.