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Coaching is support and guidance. Coaching guides intentions to begin the path to self-efficacy. The goal for all coaching is for students/clients to reach a point where their practices are so satisfying and rewarding they no longer need coaching to remain engaged. 

Fitness is a lifestyle. Happiness is a lifestyle. Engaging in challenging pursuits activates the happiness chemicals we were gifted to make life blissful.  Strange as it may seem in this world of strife, man was intended to live a blissful life. He has all the necessary ingredients. 

It is no secret how to live more blissfully, it is just not widely known. There are practitioners and practices to help evolve from the ordinarily blase and stress filled lives we may feel we are living to a more adventurous and as Mark Dailey says a more "daring life".

I introduce the basic principals and practices to find this life with more bliss. It is a gradual process of utilizing more or our time for more worthwhile practices that fulfill us. As a coach for surfing and personal training, I here regularly that people don't have enough time. 

The truth is, people are living more blissful lives and they don't possess more time than others. They have just made different choices. The choices we have made in our lives have had a big influence on where we are now, our beliefs and our behaviors.  We could reverse that starting with how our beliefs have led to our choices and behaviors

Central to all coaching is Cognitive Theory or Therapy. What we believe determines how we think and behave. The purpose of my book, course, and coaching is to create great optimism about our opportunities to have blissful lives and the choices we can make to make it a reality. 

My book, Life Style Self-Coaching introduces the principals, the science, the biology, and the behaviors to make your life a dream. The Course creates modules for installing the various practices to create the fulfillment you seek. My coaching for health including personal training and surfing are just one module of a more complete set. 


Some people want to feel more enlightened. Some want to feel more peace. 

Some people want to walk around the block and some want to run a marathon or the Iron Man. Its all good. To each his own. The one thing each has in common is the desire to be a little more tomorrow than what they are today. That's a good start. 

Some people would like more free time. 67% of people polled in a recent survey said they treasured free time higher than promotions and children. It requires free time to develop new habits or the dropping of items already occupying our schedule. Substituting activities for more wholesome choices is progress. 

Having an outline or plan of what you would like to have and what you would like to eliminate is a good scheme. Coaching can help create and actuating this list by first creating it then, then monitoring and overcoming obstacles. 

Our mind and biology are a devious playground. They often resist change with clever sabotage and sneaky subconscious thoughts. However, once the mind has seen positive results from new behaviors our emotional molecules that occupy many systems in our bodies (Candice Pert Molecules of Happiness) rev into a high gear of support. We're looking for the tipping point. 

Some people feel they are overweight and know they are sedentary. Others are already engaged in active life styles and want to reach another level. Goals are a good start. The Coach understands fitness and nutrition and the various stages of each. The Coach can assess with you where you are and design the next steps. That's why you want a coach. 

The Coach

The Coach's goal is for clients to be self-monitoring and in what we call self-efficacy. You don't have to be told the bad habits although we all slip and can fall out of our routines. Once again this is why we have a Coach. He listens to what happened and designs a way back. You are never lost if you never quit.

You might be judgmental of yourself and critical. Coaches are aware this is common. The Coach's goal in Cognitive Behavior Change is to help form new beliefs that result in new behaviors. What you think and believe will determine how you behave. If you think you are great and deserve the best, you will start working toward those goals as though it was determined from the start. It was. You are the best and you deserve to feel great and perform to your optimal level.

Forget the Past

Most people have failed at dieting and exercising. The point is to develop an attitude that you want to be healthy and work from there. Health, nutrition, exercise, body composition, and high spirits are a long term goal. Nature doesn't allow changes to be too quick because we come from an evolutionary process where the body preserved in times of starvation by slowing down all processes and feeding on itself. 

In making changes, we want to supply the body with enough food so it knows it is not starving. It will then increase our metabolic rate and burn more energy. We want to train our body to exercise because the body will become stronger to prepare for the next time. It is actually that simple.

The Process

It is up to the Coach to hear what you want and help get you there. It is up to you to be diligent and give your best efforts to make the next steps. Its a team effort. The coach can assess your progress and knows when to add load. A primary goal for the Coach is to prevent injury, burn out, and boredom.

Communication then becomes important to build the relationship and achieve results. On top sports teams, it is clear that everyone is of the same mind. The Mission is the Goal. 

It is easier to be successful if fitness is part of life style and living an optimal life.  If fitness leads to an optimal life and an optimal life requires fitness, then the task is no longer work but living the dream. Some say a dream is a plan.

Lose weight, gain strength and stamina, develop body composition, create a healthy lifestyle, find your optimal life. 

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