I have been a life long fitness enthusiast playing every sport possible and most recreational pursuits. Surfing started in high school along with the swim team and football. Weights started after college. 

I ran 60 miles a week with the Santa Monica Track Club, rode regular 50 mile treks with a bike club, completed several triathlons, half marathons and one full marathon. 

I have enjoyed a life of skiing and snowboarding with heli-skiing in the Canadian Rockies. Always loved mountain biking in the hills where I lived and summer trips to Mammoth for high altitude mountain biking and hiking.

Now living on the beach, I surf, road bike, swim, walk, and enjoy me own personal gym workouts three times a week.  Beginners can do circuits or work different muscle groups on different days. I do both. Variety keeps workouts more interesting. 

I have always enjoyed the gym. I apply what I have learned through my years of experience and certification to my own program. More importantly, there are many advanced experts on building body composition, strength, endurance and power that I have learned from. I begin easy with those who have not been active and help them progress by loading their workouts as they progress. The first goal of most unconditioned  exercisers is fat loss, tone, and general body strength improvement. 

More advanced exercisers can choose goals of strength, size, endurance, performance,  or a combination. In general, the beginner is more often interested in fat loss and we engage in resistance training with high repetitions combined with low impact aerobics. As exercisers progress toward greater strength, they may engage in heavier weights with fewer repetitions. 

Those with exercise routines can improve results with moderately increased loading. Adding more to aerobics and resistance training begins with a good warm up, progressive loading, and a warm down. This process minimizes the risk of injury, reaches higher levels of performance, burns fat, and educates the muscles to grow in expectation of advanced demands. 

Important for all exercisers is utilizing proper form to reduce the risks of injury and building over all strength and endurance while improving body composition and health. 

I am an Ace Certified Health Coach, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Personal Trainer. I am always engaged in additional courses for continuing education. I read extensively about health, fitness and nutrition and have written 4 books incorporating what I have learned. I have written an 80 page Surfing E-Book and 3 books on life style, health, and performance sold on this website.

My newest book, Leading an Optimal Life is in the works.


The optimal life includes health, gratitude, contribution, learning, and spirituality. I enjoy working with people on creating an optimal life. I find there is usually a mutual exchange of life perspectives. 

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