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The Ultimate Coaching program is Self-Coaching. Sometimes it helps to have a Coach begin the path to self-efficacy. 

Waking up in the morning knowing its another great day because your schedule is full of enriching activities makes you smile. It can't always happen immediately. Progress can come in modules. 

In my Self-Coaching course I set modules that can be started today and build for the rest of your life. 

The main components of Life Style Coaching are the following:

  • Health/Fitness
  • Learning
  • Creativity
  • Contribution


These behaviors cause the brain to stimulate happiness chemicals:

What are they:

  • Dopamine
  • Serotonin
  • Oxytocin
  • Endorphin

Why is this important?

Your happiness chemicals are stimulated by positive behaviors that lead to your own self-improvement, helping others, and making a contribution to the bigger picture.

LIfe style can mean a lot of things such as money, power, influence, travel, or retirement.  This course is intended for people who want to lead their optimum life and feel their power in daily activities, mental performance, self-expressing,  solving problems, and helping the world become a better place because of their presence. 

These modules are explained in my book Life Style Self-Coaching and covered in depth in my Life Style Self-Coaching Course.    See some excerpts.

The Life Style Self Coaching Course covers the same principals as the Life Style Self-Coaching book and adds a work book and exercises that lead you on the path to self-efficacy and fulfillment. 

Businesses should provide the opportunity for workers to experience a more full life that rewards everyone in their circles. A business experiences a staff that is more self-content, loyal, productive, creative, and Mission oriented.

A Life Style Self-Coaching Course for business leads to a more fulfilling culture.

See more on the Life Style Self-Coaching Book

Purchase the E-Book $6.42 or Paperback $12.42 including handling and shipping.

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Mark Kaplan, Surf instructor and Personal Trainer


Coaching has always been a central theme in my life. Sometimes I was the coach and sometimes I enjoyed being coached. In my real estate office management years, I coached my people on performance.

Effective coaching is personal and one on one. I had large offices and was a Regional Manager, but I was most effective in influencing individuals to reach new heights and overcome their fears. 

Surf Coaching is very personal.  I Immediately see people's short comings or fears when they are in the water and have to adapt what they need to do or talk them through their hold backs. Personal Training evolved from the perceived need of surf students to get in better condition and their desire to do so. Surfing exposed their physical limitations. 

Having taught over 3,500 surfing students, I have learned to read people quickly when they enter the water. As they say in car racing, when the Green Flag drops, the B.S. stops. What they love most about me they say is my patience. They know they are struggling and I know the steps to help them find the fun.   

I have written for 10 years on my own life time practices of health, fitness, nutrition, creativity, and spirituality. They all blend as one  to optimize the human experience. In my four books, I have discussed with the help of quotes from experts who agree with my proclamations, that there are good paths to the optimal life.  

As a Certified Health Coach, the quest presented by our training courses is to help people become self-monitoring once they have learned the proper practices and techniques. The person who doesn't find joy and reward in gaining better health and fitness relapses to old practices. The failure rate is too high. 

The summary of all my Coaching and Writing practices is to live the optimal life. I call it Lifestyle because Fitness is a Lifestyle and living an Optimal Life with the all behaviors that make it optimal is a Lifestyle. 

Building the optimal life and Self-Coaching to attain it occurs in steps and stages. My book explains the objectives and my Course creates the modules. The student can't be faint of heart. Change is not a pill like doctors prescribe to cure our ills. Life Change is work, but the rewards once sampled are addicting. 

I haven't encountered many people on the Life Style path to better behaviors turn back. It is more encompassing than a diet or an exercise routine. It is who we are and our purpose for being here. 

In his brilliant book, The More Daring Life, David Barry says:

"Within each of us, right now, is everything we need in order to thrive-not survive, but thrive-in the face of complexity and change. We just have to decide whether or not we are willing to do the work, whether or not we are willing to lead a more daring life."

I challenge you to take the first step to a more daring and rewarding life. Buy the Life Style Self Coaching book.


One practice I have enjoyed in my life's work is coaching. I was a real estate Sales Manager in Brentwood and Beverly Hills coaching million dollar earners. 

In a change of life, I moved to the beach to relax and enjoy exercise and new recreation. Surfing caught my passion and at first I was surfing and writing. Next I was teaching people to surf. 

I have been teaching surf lessons for 10 years and have taught over 3,000 students. 

Writing was another passion and I wrote  4 books on lifestyle, health, surfing, and behaviors of growth. 

As my interests on personal fitness and nutrition grew, Health Coaching for others has evolved to help clients achieve many goals including weight loss, strength, flexibility, endurance, and power. 

I have been a life long fitness enthusiast playing every sport possible and most recreational pursuits. Surfing started in high school along with the swim team and football. Weights started after college. 

I ran 60 miles a week with the Santa Monica Track Club, rode regular 50 mile treks with a bike club, completed several triathlons, half marathons, and one full marathon. 

I have enjoyed a life of skiing and snowboarding with heli-skiing in the Canadian Rockies. Always loved mountain biking in the hills where I lived and summer trips to Mammoth for high altitude mountain biking and hiking.

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